Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Working Tables as a Close-Up Magician

So you have indeed been performing your sleight-of-hand talents for the past 5 years getting lots of beneficial experience. It's fast approaching time for your 1st paid performance and you're starting to run scared! You might be asking by yourself "Just what will I need to perform?" or "Exactly how much time should I devote at each table?" Rest at ease, these concerns as well as numerous others might be answered in this compressed article.

What really should I do?

Communicating from 25 years as an experienced close-up magician I would undoubtedly urge that you do the effects that you are most at ease as well as experienced with. Of course there might be an issue; these tricks might certainly not be suitable for the place or performing environment. This raises another issue, have  you been rehearsing and also getting experience with material that is suitable to do for a large table of guests? The sort of place that you have been contracted to perform in might prescribe the magical effects you can have to do.

What Kind of  Effects To Perform?

Do not make the miscalculation of stuffing your wallets full to the brim by having several tricks, you do not want this kind of complication. Your possible time at a table will  be approx 7 min depending on the variety and number of tables. This might provide you time to do 3 magical effects. These effects should be uncomplicated to understand, not daunting or opprobrious as well as easy to view from the opposite side of a big table if needed. The type of trick needs to be one that negates not placing items out on the table. If utilising items such as cards or coins these ought to be employed at somewhat above waist level so that every person can view. However, if operating surrounded whilst mingling with the invitees at that point this is certainly not an issue. Whilst mingling, your effects could be short as well as snappy as well as intriguing enough to leave your visitors desiring to discover to see additional magic at the dinner tables later on in the night.

How to Deliver your Material

Leave your vanity and ego back at the ranch! I say again-- leave your ego at the ranch! Not one person admires a show off and so it's best to adopt a favourable modest type of character. Above all you must endeavour to be by yourself and most important of all-- do not fail to remember a smile! This is of specific value when you first begin to perform for your guests at the table. Look happy to be there and also gratified that you are performing for the guests that have paid to see you. Being relaxed and also appear to be enjoying yourself. This might certainly not come normally at first yet it will certainly happen with experience over time. Certainly never be scurrilous or difficult and if one of the visitors is being insulting to you, then the very best course of action is to entirely overlook him/her. By doing this they may soon get the message.

If you are performing for a large room of tables at an event, there may undoubtedly be a DJ or a band established prepared with a stereo. Always, consistently acquire the DJ or the band to introduce you to the guests clarifying who you are as well as what you may be providing for them. I just can't explain exactly how necessary this is as it will definitely induce interest and anticipation at the tables before you approach later in the evening! The other guests can listen to you obtaining applause at another table as well as will certainly be exited when you arrive at their table to perform magic for them.

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